Collette Golden (Pen name: Castleford) is a lover of all things colorful, clever, and creative!
Collette holds a Summa Cum Laude BA in Fine Arts from the University of San Francisco. She is currently studying for a certificate in Animation from OTIS College of Art and Design.
Collette specializes in storytelling through a mixture of traditional and digital mediums, spanning from tiny, detailed watercolor paintings to multi-foot digital signage. She is active on tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
In November 2021, her illustration work was published in a children's book titled "Freckle Face from Outer Space"- more information here
"Freckle Face and the Misplaced Waste", the sequel to the above, was released on October 1st, 2022- more information here!
Besides her freelance work, Collette enjoys expanding her artistic skills, including 3D Modeling, Architectural Modeling in SketchUp, Adobe Suite, plaster sculpture, Procreate, storyboarding, and fiber arts.
Collette lives with her gaggle of dogs and cat in Orange County, California. She enjoys playing video games and watching the latest animated movies, alongside the oldest Golden Age of Hollywood films.
If you'd like to get in touch, do so here. You can also email her at
Thank you for looking at her art!
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